7 Creative Ideas to Craft Your Backyard Swimming Pool

by Keystone Tile on December 12, 2022

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As the summer season came to an end and winters picking up the pace, we look back on the warm sweet memories from summers; the vibrant colors, downpour of monsoon and playing by the pool side every other day. If you are reading this article, you might have missed the swimming pool fun so are looking forward to having a swimming pool this summer.

Winter’s is the best time to plan your own swimming pool for fun since you have at least 3-4 months of the chilly season to carefully design and create your own pool. In winters, the rates for pool installation or making are also lower than the prime season so you can manage your budget as well.

This might have intrigued you to start planning your swimming pool right now. If you have made up your mind, you might be worried about the cost of getting a pool constructed. This article will guide you through creative ideas to build your in-ground swimming pool, but first, you need help.

To construct a pool, you may need some labor to do the work for you. Finding skilled labor is so tiring that you should drop the idea of construction. However, nowadays, there are online websites like easefix that have certified skilled labor who will reach your doorstep once you get them booked. The rates for the work are also very budgeting friendly.

Seven Creative Ideas to Create your In-ground Swimming Pool

You can create a swimming pool alone without putting in much money and effort. Yes, you have read it right. There are many DIY ways to create in-ground swimming pools that would make your summer memorable.

Listed below are the ideas to craft an in-ground swimming pool for you;

Tanning Ledges

It is one of the hottest trends in the world of custom pools. Tanning Ledge, also known as a Baja Ledge, makes the pool's shallow end a luxurious spot, which can be best created by natural stone (click to see our best-quality selection of natural stones) A tanning ledge is a wide area, a few inches deep, to allow your legs and the lower body to absorb the water while you bask in the sun. It is also the perfect spot for pool furniture and the kids to enjoy their games.

A floating tray with beverages would be a dream to die for.

Global Inspiration for Backyard Gateway

The dream destination of the majority these days is Bali, Maldives, Greece, or Las Vegas to enjoy the exquisite interior, pools, and calm beaches that have no match in the world. While it may be challenging to visit these serene places every year, they might crave the vibe very much. To satisfy their cravings, backyard pools can do the work. By selecting elegant pool tiles , you can create your own dream backyard pools.

You can add glass mosaic tiles for decoration and for the white base pools with fresh plants to add the greens, which are cool to the eyes. Add up simple yet contrasting furniture like a resting chair in yellow or blue with some umbrella and a moveable white table.

Water Features with a Touch of Nature

You can upgrade your existing in-ground pools by adding water features. There is a trend nowadays of some inclusive swings planted at one corner of the pool with a water shower above them. Small-scale water slides can be included in the pool to make them fun for the kids.

If you are planning to give a natural touch to your pools, use river stone for the edges of the pool and plant a sheer curtain to act as a waterfall pouring into the pool.

Sleek In-ground Pools

Background pools are breaking the stereotypes and transitioning into the modern pools you look for in luxury hotels. You must go through a step-by-step procedure to give your collections a modern and sleek look.

First, you must decide the color scheme you would want to use. It would help if you considered the blue contribution of water to the color theme and much color or pattern that goes with it. It is preferable to go for a monochromatic base.

Keep everything geometrical for tiles and deckings, and avoid overdoing your pool. Add elegant accessories to match the vibe and theme.