5 Mosaic Wall Art Trends To Embrace Your Living Room

by Keystone Tile on January 11, 2023

Special thanks to Kristel Marquez for being our host author...

Wall art has become an integral part of the interior over the past few years. The innovation and variety in wall décor options have made it easier for homeowners to ooze out their creativity. According to the best realtors Berkeley CA, people prefer newly built houses with decorative accent walls and modernized looks.

Whether you are building a new house or renovating the old one, paying attention to your walls can help in increasing its market selling price. If you are browsing for options, you should check out mosaic wall art and mosaic porcelain tiles. It enlightens your home with elegant solid colors and playful colors and patterns, depending on your choice.

Mosaic art can make your home Instagram-worthy, and you will love the refreshing vibe of your home. To top it all, the result will be mind-blowing designs and will make your interior timeless. Here are five mosaic wall porcelain tile trends you should look up to for your living room:

Chic Grey Muretto Porcelain Mosaic:

If you are a fan of minimalistic interiors, you will love this chic grey porcelain mosaic. It gives your wall a neat, elegant look and leaves ample room for any kind of décor items or furniture accessories to get along with it. They are intricately patterned and look like thin, neatly lined bricks. They are bound to give a hint of modern touch to your interior and make your wall a stand-out feature of your living area. You can find this porcelain mosaic in lighter and darker shades of grey and black.

Vietri Porcelain Mosaic:

Are you hoping to find something that can give a color pop up to your living room, make it look cozier, and manifest your creativity? Vietri porcelain mosaic category can help you make your dream living room a reality. You can choose Blue, Aquamarine, or Grigio Vietri Porcelain Mosaic for color variation and fill your living room with exotic patterns and color combinations.

Luxury Porcelain Mosaic:

We love having a luxurious vibe to our interior. It gives our house a more expensive look, with furniture and décor accessories included. Moreover, adding luxurious features to the home also increases its selling price. Likewise, buying luxury porcelain mosaics will make your room look like a luxury hotel’s lobby. You can take gram-worthy pictures with them in the background. The black and white-greyish combo can be coupled with gold and metallic decorative items for a complete look.

Gallery Porcelain Mosaic:

Smaller spaces need lighter undertones for the room to look big and spacious. If you are planning to get mosaic art for your small living room, a gallery porcelain mosaic should be your pick. The fade-looking patterns make them unique and delightful simultaneously. You will love the ambiance they will create. Add on some wall lights to enhance their beauty. You can find them in Verde, Grey and Beige shades.

Garden Green Porcelain Mosaic:

Green has become a new black for the interior designing world. People are becoming more inclined to add green hues and plants to their houses for a refreshing vibe since the greenery outside the homes has drastically decreased as a result of urbanization and population growth. If you are a nature fan but cannot maintain indoor planting well, Garden Green Porcelain is there to your rescue. They will make your living room more lively and welcoming.

Take Away:

From minimal to dreamy looks, mosaic wall art can help you create it all. You will love the way it can transform your space and make it feel like a home. It can manifest your creativity in its best form and entirety. Besides, they are durable and last as long as you want to; therefore, it is a great investment.