Keystone Tile is a leading natural stone and tile company offering a wide selection of high-quality and broad-in-stock mosaics, porcelain tiles, ledgers, pavers, travertines, marble tiles, and pool copings. Founded in (2004) in Houston, TX, Keystone Tile has committed itself to increase the quality and aesthetic of places by helping people access to highest-quality, most trendy, most eco-friendly, and healthiest materials to create innovative and unique styles that fit their needs, budgets, and tastes.

With a large showroom that compromises 190.000 sqf/3 warehouses, we offer exclusive materials and excellent customer service. You may think it sounds too good to be true, so we invite you to our amazing showroom to see it to believe it.

Our Passion to Serve People Believing that no value is greater than humans, we promise to serve our customers with our core values: enthusiasm, innovation, uncompromising honesty, respect to diversity, accountability, integrity, compassion and dignity. Keystone is aware that a satisfied person is a happy person, so we value your tiling ideas and imaginations and give you endless options to realize your dreams. We aim long-term satisfaction of our clients since we like to maintain our relationship with them even after their business with us. What’s more, we believe attraction and beauty without health don’t satisfy people in the long-run, so we only offer artistically beautiful, eco-friendly and healthy natural stones and tiles that put the perfect touch on your design projects and that will not concern you about the health hazards to your loved ones.

Mosaic art can make your home Instagram-worthy, and you will love the refreshing vibe of your home. To top it all, the result will be mind-blowing designs and will make your interior timeless. Here are five mosaic wall porcelain tile trends you should look up to for your living room:

on January 11, 2023

Winter’s is the best time to plan your own swimming pool for fun since you have at least 3-4 months of the chilly season to carefully design and create your own pool. In winters, the rates for pool installation or making are also lower than the prime season so you can manage your budget as well.

on December 12, 2022

Are you thinking of revitalizing the walls of your home to completely transform your space? You may be overwhelmed by the endless options available for wall decorations, including wallpapers, composite cladding, paneling and wall tiles. The vastness of different choices on the market may leave you feeling confused and lost. Additionally, trying to bring a hint of modernity to your space while keeping a homely, cozy feeling is a difficult line to manage. However, if you want to balance these concerns, stone walls are an ideal solution.

on October 24, 2022